Kayla Itsines Before And After Results

Bikini Body Guide – Before and After Results

So, here are my Kayla Itsines Before and After results and my overall review. I have to say that while I enjoyed the bikini body guide, I really wish I had invested in researching other workout programs to make sure that I was getting the absolute best choice possible. Now, that’s not to say that you see good results with the bikini body guide. You probably will. Even her help nutrition guide has fantastic recipes that are engineered to help you shed best. The problem is the price. I paid entirely too much money to try and get ideal beach body as fast as possible. I went with Kayla Itsines because she has namebrand recognition. In hindsight, this was not the best choice.

progress pictures from the BBG workout

Some highlights of the workout program include the recipes that came in the Kayla Itsines nutrition guide. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to try out fantastic food options that I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating. It was one of the very few times that before and after a meal I wouldn’t feel I needed to unbuckle my belt or let out a huge burp. I also enjoyed how thorough the workout guide was in and of itself. He felt confident that you would get results because of how well her PDF outlined exactly what you needed to do.

So, onto the cons. Immediately after I purchased the bikini body guide, one of my best friends purchased a different workout program. The idea was simple. We were going to compete to see who had gotten the best workout for their money. And I lost hand over fist. She purchased a guide by a woman I had never heard of: Jen Ferruggia. Her guide contained about the same amount of information as Kayla does, she had also including instructional videos to help my friend avoid any major injuries from trying out new workouts. She also had a workout more tailored towards women trying to exercise at home.

Some final thoughts on my results. The recipes were good, the information was good, but the price was killed. Look into trying out a different workout if you really want to, I wouldn’t recommend the bikini body guide pdf from kayla itsines.

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